Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging again!

So like I said in my 411 box, I use to blog for an online class I was taking in college and than stopped for a couple of years, but thought I pick it up again! So here we go!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of paintings again and for those of you who know me knows that I love art, but stopped for awhile due to personal reasons (good ones). However, I have started again and would really like to put my work out there for people to see other than my husband. I do all kinds of art, but mostly drawing and painting. I do a lot of black and white drawings due to the fact that I like the contrast of the black ink on white paper. Most of my drawings are patterned meaning it would be just a bunch of lines and patterns or an object filled with lines and patterns. It's kind of hard to explain so I will have to post some pictures so you guys get the idea.

This past weekend I also started a seascape painting for my husband's friend. I haven't done a seascape painting in a long time almost forgot how much I like it! Something about the water calms me, it's almost relaxing to paint it! Yes, I know I sound like a weird art person!

I have also picked up a new hobby, CROCHETING! I'm crocheting a bunch of hats and scarves for the kids at the daycare I work for. So here are a couple that are done!

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  1. I really like ur painting of the mask. It's really interesting and eye catching. It's simple but yet theres so much more to it. And on the other side it's darker so it's also like a mystery... The landscape is really nice. I know I like to draw landscape too and espaclly water. For some reason water can make a picture full of emotions an words that can't be describe.