Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Fan

I think it was 7th grade when i first really got into fashion. I have always been interested in fashion and how i looked, but it wasn't until middle school that I decided I was really into fashion. It all started one day in English class, for an assignment we had to write on our dream career and how we were going to achieve it. At first I didn't know what my dream career was going to be. After about twenty minutes, i still couldn't think of anything to write on. All of a sudden i noticed that my teacher had on the ugliest shirt on, and as I looked around the room I noticed that all the kids had on similar clothes. Everyone had on clothes that all looked the same, but just in different colors and patterns. I also realized that the students that didn't have the same kind of clothes were the ones that weren't "cool". I couldn't believe how much of an impact clothes had on people, and ever since then I decided i was going to become a fashion designer.

I was such a big fan of fashion that I subscribed every fashion magazine out there. From Vogue to Elle to Bazaar, I had it all. I would every waking moment looking at these magazines. I even had a journal where I kept of all the new fashion of every season. I was so obsessed with fashion that I would go to the store, buy clothes, bring it home, take it apart and add my own touches to it. Most of the time it turned out very nice and unique. It got so bad that there's been a couple of times where I told the workers in retail stores that the clothes on their mannequins didn't look right and fixed it for them! Some days i would sit in front of the t.v. and just watch fashion shows. I was beyond thrilled when Project Runway came on air! There was never a day that I would miss that show, I would schedule my week just so I could watch the show. I was such a big fan of fashion that when I came to college, I actually started out majoring in clothing design. After two years of taking design classes, I came to realize that i love fashion, but I don't like making it. I love looking at clothes and see how it looks on people, but I don't actually like making it. After realizing that, I some how become very interested in art and art education which lead me to where I am now.

But back to fashion, fashion like a lot of other pop culture stuff has a lot of impact on people and their lifestyle. Like me in the past, some people live their life around fashion. They try to stay on top of the latest trend, and spend hundreds of dollars on clothes that they think will make them look "cool" or "fit in". People spend so much money on brand name products because they see people they look up to wear it. For an example celebrities, kids who look up to their favorite celebrities will try to look just like them and want to get the things these celebrities have. All because they are a fan of these people, they want to be like them. I don't think that my obsession with fashion had anything to do with the people I was friends with or anyone around me, but more like I just wanted to make a fashion statement. I just wanted people to look at me and say, "wow I wish I had her clothes" or "I wish I had her taste of fashion". I just wanted to be different from everyone else in a good way.

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  1. Houa,
    I, too, LOVE Project Runway. I'm not really a person who is into fashion, but I enjoy the art and design going on on the show. I like to think about how I would respond to each challenge. I think I like it because it's the only reality show I can think of focused on creativity and creation, rather than destruction.